Ensuring Safety and Security with MKR Scaffolding's Strict Health and Safety Policy

At MKR Scaffolding, we believe that health and safety is the top priority when it comes to scaffolding erection. We understand the potential hazards involved in scaffolding work and the need to keep our team, your team, and the public safe. Therefore, we have implemented a strict health and safety policy to ensure that all our scaffolding structures meet the highest standards of safety.

Foundation Check

Before starting any scaffolding erection, we conduct a thorough survey to check the firm and level foundation to ensure that the scaffold structure is secure.

Time Planning

We plan our work schedule to avoid busy periods to ensure that the risk of accidents is minimised.

Power Lines

We take all necessary precautions to avoid power lines in the vicinity of the scaffolding. We follow strict guidelines when working near or around electrical systems.

British Standards Equipment

All our equipment is manufactured to meet British Standards, ensuring that it is safe and reliable.

Safety Barriers

We install safety barriers at all heights to prevent accidental falls and protect the public and workers

Ladders and Lifts

We carefully incorporate ladders and lifts into our scaffolding structures to ensure that workers can move safely around the scaffolding without the risk of falling.

Tie-offs and Supports

We ensure that all necessary tie-offs and supports are installed to keep the scaffolding stable and secure

Weekly Checks

We conduct weekly checks on the scaffolding structure to ensure that it is still secure and safe for use.

MKR Scaffolding: Prioritizing Health and Safety at Every Stage of Your Scaffolding Project

Our experienced team is fully trained and knowledgeable about the latest health and safety legislation. We prioritise ensuring that our team follows good practice and compliance throughout the build, so you can rest assured that your scaffolding project will meet the highest standards of safety.

It cannot be overstated how crucial health and safety is when it comes to scaffolding. The potential hazards involved in scaffolding work are significant, and the consequences of accidents can be severe. That’s why we take a rigorous approach to health and safety at every stage of our scaffolding projects. From initial surveys and planning to weekly checks on the structure, we are committed to ensuring that our scaffolding structures meet the highest standards of safety. Our experienced team is fully trained and conversant with the latest health and safety legislation, ensuring that we follow good practice and compliance throughout the build. When you choose MKR Scaffolding, you can be confident that your scaffolding structure will be safe, secure, and designed with health and safety as the top priority. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced team members and arrange a free survey and quotation.

We offer a full survey and quotation service to ensure that we understand your requirements and can design the safest scaffolding structure for your needs.

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We install security gates, sheeting, and debris netting on our scaffolds, as well as rubbish chutes and foam padding protection where necessary.